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BETSCO metering systems are fully integrated solutions designed, fabricated, and tested to provide the greatest possible accuracy and ease of installation.

With over 50 years of flow measurement experience BETSCO can assist you in the selection of technologies for flow measurement, for quality determination, and for control.

A turnkey metering system designed and fabricated by BETSCO’s experienced personnel will lower your cost of installation and operation.


Volumetric Metering Systems

  • Turbine Meter System
  • Positive Displacement Meter System
  • Ultrasonic Meter Systems
  • Coriolis Meter Systems

Volumetric Metering Systems are widely used for liquid and gas flow measurement, but cannot be used to measure steam flow.  Volumetric Meter Systems excel at measuring clean, steady, medium-to-high speed flows of low-viscosity fluids. Turbine meters are one of the main types of Volumetric meters used for custody-transfer of natural gas & liquid.

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Mass Metering Systems

  • Coriolis Meter System

Direct mass measurement sets Coriolis flow meters apart from other technologies. Mass measurement is not sensitive to changes in pressure, temperature, viscosity and density. With the ability to measure liquids, slurries and gases, Coriolis flow meters are universal meters.



Differential Pressure Metering Systems

  • Orifice Plate Meter System
  • Venturi Tube Meter System
  • Pitot Tube Meter Systems

In a differential pressure drop device the flow is calculated by measuring the pressure drop over an obstructions inserted in the flow. The differential pressure flow meter system is based on the Bernoulli Equation.