BETSCO, founded in 2003, is a provider of fully integrated solutions for the oil and gas pipeline industry.

From design to assembly, all activities are performed within our 50,000 square foot facilities located on 11 acres in Huntsville, Texas.  This single source responsibility combined with our experience provides our customers with the highest quality to cost ratio.

Are PD Meters a Dead Technology?

By betsco | September 11, 2017

For LACT units, Coriolis has become the dominant technology of choice. Reasons for this are: 1. cost of ownership, 2. reliability, and 3. meter intelligence. Cost of Ownership = intial price + install cost + maintenance cost Reliability = performance over range of varying parameters Meter Intelligence = smart transmitter with multiple measured variables +…

Controlling Pipeline Pressure Surges – Part 1

By betsco | September 11, 2017

Pressure surges are generated by anything that causes the liquid velocity in a line to change quickly. The most common sources of pressure surge are rapid closing valves, pump start up and pump shut down. A pressure surge can consist of multiple events, resulting in surge pressures up to 10 times the normal pipeline pressure. These surges…